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Immerse yourself in the sparkling world of Rolando Vetri, the "Glass Cowboy", and experience the magic of glass art in its purest form. With a passion that burns deep in his heart and a craftsmanship that is second to none, Rolando creates a universe of light, color and transparency.

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A selection of my best works

In my Glass Saloon, which I opened in 2008 in Töging am Inn, every work of art, every glass bead, every glass cone and every glass ball is a testimony to my journey and my constant curiosity and joy of experimentation in working with glass.

You can find my other works in the gallery:

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Browse through the unique glass art of Rolando Vetri, the "Glass Cowboy". Every handmade piece in our shop is unique, created with passion and precision. Find exclusive glass works from the comfort of your own home and let yourself be enchanted by the sparkling variety.

What is glassblowing?

Glassblowing is an art and craft in which various objects are made from liquid glass. Glassblowing has a long tradition that goes back to ancient times.

Glass rods and glass tubes are shaped into the desired form freehand and with the help of various tools directly on the burner, which is heated to over 3000 °C.

There are many different techniques for working with glass. Glassblowers choose the technique depending on the desired result. For simple products such as glasses or bottles, the "freehand technique" is often used. In this technique, the glass is shaped by hand. For more complex products, special tools are often used.
Die Arbeit eines Glasbläsers ist sehr anspruchsvoll. Es erfordert eine langjährige Ausbildung und darüber hinaus sehr viel Erfahrung, Geschick und Konzentration. Glasbläser lernen niemals aus und entwickeln sich mit jeden Werkstück weiter.

Glass techniques

Freehand technique

The glass is shaped by hand.

Separation technology

The glass is cut or separated using tools.


The glass is joined together at high temperatures.


The glass is processed with machines or tools.


The glass is frosted by sandblasting.

Glassblowing history

Glassblowing has a long tradition that goes back to ancient times. The first glassblowing workshops were established in the Middle East in the 2nd millennium BC. From there, glassblowing spread to Europe and Asia.
In the Middle Ages, glassblowing became an important craft in Europe. During this period, many new glassblowing techniques were developed, such as the freehand technique and the cutting technique.
In the 19th century, glassblowing was revolutionized by industrialization. New machines and processes were developed that made the production of glass products more efficient and cheaper.
Today, glassblowing is still an important craft. Glassblowing products are very popular and are used in many fields, such as architecture, design and art.
The art of glass blowing with the Glass Cowboy

Glass blowing is a traditional glass processing technique that Rolando Vetri has mastered. Heating borosilicate glass or Murano glass to around 1500 °C creates a viscous mass that is transformed into unique works of art through targeted blowing and shaping. Each piece is unique, formed with precision, experience and a deep love of the material. Whether filigree glass cones, sparkling glass spheres or individually designed glass jewelry - each piece carries the soul of its creator within it.

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Bookings for events:

Company parties, weddings, children's birthdays, business openings, events and celebrations of all kinds.

I offer individual courses:

Bead turning with Murano glass or blowing real glass on a blowtorch.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions to the Glass cowboy

Each glass work is a handmade unique piece, created with decades of experience and an incomparable passion for the material and the creative process.

Yes, Rolando Vetri's Glass Saloon offers individual workshops and courses where you can learn the art of glass blowing yourself.

Yes, in rare cases! On request, Rolando Vetri also creates individual works according to your wishes and ideas. Please contact us with your idea and we will discuss the implementation options.

The works of art can be purchased at the Glass Saloon in Überackern or ordered directly from the online shop. Visit us and experience the art up close.

Stay up to date on current exhibitions, events and news from the world of Glass Cowboys via my website or my WhatsApp channel. Feel free to follow me on social media so you don't miss any news.

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